Indignados com a crise política que estamos sofrendo, resolvemos nos manifestar e “contaminar” as pessoas para a prática das potências e autonomias. O resultado foram encontros de pessoas incríveis discutindo educação, cultura, política, religião e ativismo. LAB IDEIAS virou uma web-série e já estamos no quarto episódio.


‘Passagem de Som’ é um programa documental que narra os bastidores da criação musical, contando com depoimentos de compositores e músicos que participam do Instrumental Sesc Brasil. Paulo trabalha como um dos montadores da série.

‘Passagem de Som’ is a weekly half hour factual program that exposes the back stages of the Brazilian instrumental music creation, as narrated by key composers and instrument players. Paulo works as an editor of this series.


Mestre Roxinho bota em cheque sua visão tradicionalista da África, quando se muda para Austrália em 2006 e começa a ensinar capoeira angola a um grupo de jovens refugiados africanos numa escola pública em Sydney, na Austrália. O documentário, produzido e dirigido por Paulo Alberton acompanha incríveis histórias de imigração e diáspora, que se desenrolam por entre rabos de arraia e versos de rap.

African Brazilian Master Roxinho confronts his traditional views of Africa when he meets a group of young African refugees at a multicultural high school in Sydney. A conflicting master-disciple relationship filmed by Paulo Alberton over six years.


Madame Clos se relaciona com o mundo através de sua janela. É lá que a cineasta a descobre. É lá que Madame Clos participa nos dramas da vizinhança, chora a falta de sua faxineira, conversa com o carteiro, as crianças que vão pra escola. Prestes a fazer 100 anos, ela está frágil, mas ainda com vivacidade pra contar os segredos de sua mãe. Paulo supervisionou a pós e editou o trailer.

Madame Clos engages with the world around her through her huge window. There she meets the filmmaker, mourns the loss of her dear housekeeper, watches a wedding and the children in the school. She is almost 100 years old, fragile but still vivacious she reveals the secret handed down from her mother. Paulo technically supervised postproduction and edited the trailer.


Going To The Dogs is a highly stylised and half animated short film that uses dogs as metaphors to examine multiculturalism and immigration policies in Australia.

Going To The Dogs é um documentário que usa elementos de sátira e animação para comparar cachorros a imigrantes multiculturais, questionando assim os valores da política de imigração australiana.

Mijn Man

As if in preparation to her death, Karina organises photographs and auctions an important artwork. She tells of her relationship with the men in her life: her distant father, her ex-husband, and German artist Walter Spies, who influenced Indonesian art in the 20’s. She says she saw Water drawing this artwork and this brings fascinating memories of a childhood in Java.

Como em preparação para sua morte, Karina organiza as fotos de sua vida e leiloa uma obra de arte que marcou sua infância. Ela conta sobre os homens de sua vida: seu pai distante, seu ex-marido e o artista alemão que pintou nos anos 1920 o quadro que ela leiloa e que traz memórias fascinantes de uma infância em Java.


Zakhi travels to small towns in South Africa and meets interesting people in hair saloons. This road documentary shows a homosexuality that is away from the mainstream scene, but nonetheless with much style, especially when it comes to hair.

Zakhi viaja de van pela África do Sul e conhece pessoas interessantes em salões de beleza. O documentário mostra uma cena homossexual fora do ‘mainstream’, mas com muito estilo.


Documentários apresentam curso-intervenção em que trabalhadores do SUS paulistano cartografaram 43 pontos de produção de saúde mental na megacidade – São Paulo.



30 Australian cyclists, led by Paul van Bellen, ride 500km in The Netherlands to learn about cycling infrastructure with the number one cycling country. Paulo and Rowena led the creation of the Vlog and most of its videos, which share their experience with the rest of the world.

30 australianos, liderados por Paul van Bellen, pedalam 500 kms na Holanda para aprender sobre infraestrutura urbana para bicicletas com o país que mais compreende do assunto. Paulo Alberton e Rowena Crowe criaram este Vlog e a maioria de seus videos.

Give Me a Break

In each documentary episode a “breaker” is given the chance to change their life by experiencing a job they’ve dreamed about under the watchful eye of a mentor. Does the reality live up to their expectations? Have our breakers got what it takes to make the grade? Paulo Alberton is one of the series’ directors.

Em cada episódio desta série de documentários, uma pessoa é dada a chance de experimentar a profissão dos seus sonhos sob a direção de um mentor. Mas será que os nossos participantes estão preparados para esta experiência? Paulo Alberton é um dos diretores da série Australiana.


Paulo trabalhou como coordenador de pós, operador de camera e diretor de documentário na maior produtora de conteúdo indígena australiana, a CAAMA, localizada no centro da Austrália, em Alice Springs.

Paulo worked as Postproduction Coordinator, Camera Operator and Story Producer at CAAMA, the largest Indigenous production house in Australia, located in the centre of Alice Springs, with an intimate knowledge of Aboriginal people and culture.


A new ceremony has emerged in the remote Australian Aboriginal community of Yuendumu, and it is definitely more then a game… Paulo did the interactive DVD...


In 2008, Paulo conducted a 4 day movie making workshop in Bowral and the result are two short movies produced by the kids: Ya Mum and Drugs n Thugs . M.A.D. Youth is a youth-led philanthropic committee of the WCF, focused on providing grants to encourage and develop a strong and vibrant youth culture in the Southern Highlands,...


OXFAM OIYP 2007 – Tutor / Director Paulo Alberton and Alejandra Canales wrote and ran a workshop named “Producing Video For Social Change” for the Oxfam International Youth Partnerships (OIYP) 2007 event. The OIYP hosted 300 young leaders from around the world. Paulo directed the Promotional Video for Oxfam. The following video is a promo directed by Paulo during the 2007 OIYP. The following videos are samples of what came out of the OIYP film...


Paulo co-produced the Raising Children DVD while working for David Goldie at Goldiemedia. Executive Producer is Divonne Holmes à Court of Smart Population Foundation. The DVD is delivered to all Australian families following the birth or adoption of a child. Watch clips of this DVD here with celebrity highlights, promo, the families, etc… THE DVD A complete guide to parenting from birth to five Finally, a comprehensive DVD that can help you make the best of the first weeks, months and years of your child’s life. The Raising Children DVD — five hours of content — is packed with all the basics about your newborn, baby and child — what they need and what makes them tick. Tips from over 85 celebrity and other parents Sometimes the best parenting information comes from those who have walked in your shoes — other parents. It helps to know you’re not alone; there are other parents out there who are going through the same things and have some helpful insights. Dave Hughes recaps each section with wit and charm At the end of each chapter of the DVD, comedian Dave Hughes writes up the key points on a whiteboard. We’ve collected Dave’s bullet points and turned them into PDFs. You may like to print them out to use as handy reminders. Practical demos You can find and watch 16 different demos on the DVD, including a breastfeeding demo, safe bathing for a newborn, fitting a car seat and even 17 ways to encourage good behaviour. Expert information All of the information in the DVD, no matter who is saying it, has been reviewed and approved by the Raising Children Network and a panel of independent experts. The DVD content is based on the RCN website content, with the...

Living On

ROLE: PRODUCER 26’ Doco, AFTRS 2005, SBS. Four people tell their brush with death stories, which happened 20 years ago, and how they have impacted their lives and how they have had to re-invent themselves. allegra printing little rock liposafe testimonials online cozaar patient assistance program usa lotrimin while pregnant online lithium stocks afghanistan online zofran usual dosage side effects floxin nightmare drug diclofenac 75 mg reviews for sale digoxin 250 mg generic lotensin medicine price nitrofurantoin therapy tabs lamisil in children pills alli diet pills ingredients online ranitidine tardive dyskinesia tabs nitrofurantoin 3rd trimester effects long term side effects of restoril drug digoxin and kidney function august 2011 calendar screensavers for sale bupropion sr looks like tabs lithium thionyl chloride japan tabs strattera 100mg side effects side effects of metformin er 500mg online nitroglycerin 6 months for sale actos copay assistance generic pravachol interactions other drugs pills xenical 5 days online acyclovir 1000mg pills diclofenac how much to take for sale hydrochlorothiazide triamterene in healthy subjects hcl lasik quincy il tabs amantadine 50mg price dilantin side effects long term use hcl lithium levels blood normal for sale nexium zantac 300 Buy Without Prescription buspar versus xanax pills Buy cleocin prescribing information january 31 birthdays hcl reviews on retin a micro hcl Buy Pirate 3d model download doxycycline coverage for gram negative usa revit user group perth usa alesse facial hair side effects biaxin yellow tongue drug adderall and alcohol interactions voltaren 75mg generic hcl coversyl 8mg canada drug indocin back pain hcl nitrofurantoin shelf life usa Buy tamoxifen qt interval zestril recall hcl Long term side effects of tetracycline Buy Without Prescription arimidex zocor interaction usa coupon for actos methotrexate side effects price altec lansing speakers orbit m tabs triamterene rash price risperdal...

Swapping Lives

52′ multiplatform documentary (web / Broadcast) 6moons / SBS 2005. SYNOPSIS Set against the backdrop of increased acts of terrorism by Muslim extremists and escalating tension and violence directed at the worldwide Islamic community by Western countries – comes an intimate and moving story of the Muslim experience told by Violet, a nineteen year-old Australian girl as she swaps homes, friends and cultures with Dewi, an Indonesian Muslim girl her own age for ten...