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Paulo co-produced the Raising Children DVD while working for David Goldie at Goldiemedia. Executive Producer is Divonne Holmes à Court of Smart Population Foundation. The DVD is delivered to all Australian families following the birth or adoption of a child.

Watch clips of this DVD here with celebrity highlights, promo, the families, etc…


A complete guide to parenting from birth to five

Finally, a comprehensive DVD that can help you make the best of the first weeks, months and years of your child’s life. The Raising Children DVD — five hours of content — is packed with all the basics about your newborn, baby and child — what they need and what makes them tick.

Tips from over 85 celebrity and other parents

Sometimes the best parenting information comes from those who have walked in your shoes — other parents. It helps to know you’re not alone; there are other parents out there who are going through the same things and have some helpful insights.

Dave Hughes recaps each section with wit and charm

At the end of each chapter of the DVD, comedian Dave Hughes writes up the key points on a whiteboard. We’ve collected Dave’s bullet points and turned them into PDFs. You may like to print them out to use as handy reminders.

Practical demos

You can find and watch 16 different demos on the DVD, including a breastfeeding demo, safe bathing for a newborn, fitting a car seat and even 17 ways to encourage good behaviour.

Expert information

All of the information in the DVD, no matter who is saying it, has been reviewed and approved by the Raising Children Network and a panel of independent experts. The DVD content is based on the RCN website content, with the highest level of quality assured for an online parenting resource.


Executive Producer: Divonne Holmes à Court
Produced by: Smart Population Foundation, Goldie Media and PNMG
Producers: Divonne Holmes à Court, David Goldie and Troy Jones
Co-producer: Paulo Alberton
Creative Director: Leslie Marsh
Composer: Neil Sutherland
Sound Design & Mix: Mark Tanner
Senior Editor: Vanessa Milton
Editor: Rolmar Baldonado
Design: Andrew Boddy
Animations: James Redmond, Beyond Productions
Camera: Nicola Daley, Leslie Marsh, Brad Jarrett, Paulo Alberton, Peter Farragher
Talent Research: Lesley Holden
Assistant Editors: Brad Jarrett, Jason Sukudana and Marlene Palmeiro
Sound: David Diamond, Brad Jarrett, Glenn Flynn, Meg Sobey
Additional Sound: Chris Alderton, Andy Laidlaw, Jed Palmer
Script editing: Allyson Griffiths
Production Managers: Fiona Wicks and Sarah Royds

Full DVD Credits here.