Give Me a Break

In each documentary episode a “breaker” is given the chance to change their life by experiencing a job they’ve dreamed about under the watchful eye of a mentor. Does the reality live up to their expectations? Have our breakers got what it takes to make the grade? Paulo Alberton is one of the series’ directors.

Em cada episódio desta série de documentários, uma pessoa é dada a chance de experimentar a profissão dos seus sonhos sob a direção de um mentor. Mas será que os nossos participantes estão preparados para esta experiência? Paulo Alberton é um dos diretores da série Australiana.


Going To The Dogs is a highly stylised and half animated short film that uses dogs as metaphors to examine multiculturalism and immigration policies in Australia.

Going To The Dogs é um documentário que usa elementos de sátira e animação para comparar cachorros a imigrantes multiculturais, questionando assim os valores da política de imigração australiana.


South Africa/Brazil, 2002, Mini DV PAL – 25 minutes – 4:3 English Subtitles – Copyright: GALA 2002 SYNOPSIS Mpumi Njinge delves into the unique life style of three women who live in Soweto, South Africa, and practice as Sangomas: Jama, Tshidi and Gog Lindi. They are articulate, sympathetic women who share their unusual stories in a realm that is often shrouded in silence and secrecy. After leaving their husbands, two of the women were able to explore their sexuality in relation to other women as a result of their dominant male ancestors instructing them to take wives. The relationship with their ancestors and the roles that they play in their healing powers and their sexuality are focal points in this documentary, which is supported by unique township visuals and original soundtracks. CREDITS Writer / Director: Paulo Alberton & Mpumi Njinge Producers: Ruth Morgan, GALA, OIAFF Director of Photography: Paulo Alberton Editor: Paulo Alberton Research: Ruth Morgan, Mpumi Njinge, Graeme Reid Funders: HIVOS Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust Out In Africa Gay And Lesbian Film...