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Documentário longa com direção de Jane Oehr
Supervisor de pós e editor do trailer: Paulo Alberton

Limited release at the following Australian cinemas:
NSW: Dendy Opera Quays, Manly Twin, Wagga Wagga City Cinemas, Newcastle Tower GUO, Mt Vic Flicks, Glenbrook Cinema, Tamworth City Cinemas.
VIC: Sun Yarraville, Cameo Belgrave, Rosebud, Sorrento
SA: Wallis Cinemas Mitcham & Mt Barker
TAS: Hobart State Theatre, Burnie Metro
ACT: Greater Union Manuka

Sinopsis On a train returning to South West France an Australian woman filmmaker remembers Madame Clos, the oldest woman in a small bastide village and the many encounters and cups of tea she shares with her over four years. But France is changing. Will she still be there?
Madame Clos engages with the world around her through her huge window. There the filmmaker first finds her. There Madame Clos participates in the dramas of life around her. There she mourns the loss of her dear housekeeper, there she talks to her neighbours, to the Gendarmes as they pass, there she watches a wedding and the children in the school and debates philosophical values. As she
approaches her 100th year, fragile but still vivacious she reveals the secret handed down from her mother.
An intense experience of time and place. of being in the moment and a meditation on ageing – this is a portrait of a vanishing way of life in France.

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