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Vídeo experimental de 12 minutos (1996 - Brasil)
Roteiro, direção e câmera:  Paulo Alberton

Prêmio de Melhor Fotografia - Mostra do Museu da Imagem e do Som - São Paulo 1998

Trailer abaixo

In this experimental short film, a naked man shares his intimate and human feelings with the nature when he is surprised and seduced by another man who comes from the ocean. A sensual and lyrical “pas de deux” inspired by the Brazilian Indigenous legend of the Dolphin (in gay version), celebrating beauty and desire.

Producer: Lu Gallo, Paulo Alberton
Director of Photography: Paulo Alberton
Editor: Paulo Alberton
Actors: Manoel Candeias, Daniel Alvin, Ricardo Iazetta
Narration: Paulo Alberton
Composer: Ana Luiza Fridman
Singer: Monica Salmaso
Art Work: Ionit Mitnik
Support of: 3 Laranjas, Canal M


GMagazine review for MixBrasil Film Festival
“...One of the Festival’s national highlights is the sensitive and homo-erotic videopoem Water and I, directed by Paulo Alberton...”

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